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Training - Close Protection Residential

Close Protection Residential

Location: Barnet, Hertfordshire     Price: £3456.00
As well as the SIA guided learning hours we also run a 3day unarmed combat course teaching take downs, gun and knife disengagements and pistol drills. . . We also run a 4 day live final exercise over 24 hrs using real life principles that require close protection. During your time with us leading up to and including the final exercise you will run a live operations room which must be occupied 24 hrs a day as this will contain all the intelligence gathered from your training for your live final exercise. Using guest speakers and serving operatives we will show you: Advance Driving Skills Surveillance and Anti Surveillance Drills Anti Ambush Drills Advanced Unarmed Combat Weapons Training Map Reading Map Re-gridding Vehicle Searching Intelligence Gathering Briefings and Presentations Radio Communication tTechniques

Unit 1 - Skills and Teamwork in Close Protection

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
  • Understand the importance of interpersonal skills within the close protection environment
  • Understand the importance of close protection teamwork

Unit 2 - Legislation, Communication and Conflict Management Skills in Close Protection

  • Understand the impact of law and legislation on close protection
  • Understand the relationship between Close Protection Operatives and official agencies
  • Understand the need for communication and conflict management
  • Be able to use communication and conflict management skills

Unit 3 - Risk Assessment, Operational Planning and Safe Route Selection

  • Understand threat assessment and risk management.
  • Be able to use operational planning skills.
  • Know about route selection.

Unit 4 - Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Incidents and Dilemmas

  • Be able to demonstrate surveillance, counter-surveillance, anti-surveillance methods and skills
  • Be able to carry out reconnaissance
  • Be able to deal with incidents and dilemmas within close protection

Unit 5 - Techniques for Close Protection Operatives

  • Be able to use close protection foot techniques
  • Be able to use close protection vehicle techniques
  • Be able to use correct search procedures
  • Understand venue-based security

This course involves various different start and finishing times each day

Residential arrangements are on a bed and breakfast basis.

We also offer a non residential Close Protection course.

Sorry no dates available, please call for more infomation